The production of architectural models is a long and thorough handmade process. “3D creative” wouldn’t be “3D creative” if we couldn’t offer our customers ten times faster and simpler way to print them on a 3D printer. Of course, very tiny layouts require a careful and longer job not only for human but also for a 3D printer. However, our smart customers have come up with how to use 3D printing only in the most important places and save time and production costs. At the request of the Finnish customer, we produced the basis for the architectural model designed for them.

The customer has designed the base of the Kouvola train station model with stairs, grooves for wall mounting and other necessary details. 3D printing of such an object is an extremely fast and easy process. In addition, 3D models are very easy to scale. For this client, we printed the two-scale bases he used for his project.

For the printing process was used our largest 3D FDM technology 3D printer. Its workbench size is 600 x 600 x 600 mm, making it ideal for fulfilling this order. Gray PLA plastic was used for printing, imitating the color of the paving.

The printed basis was fitted with cardboard walls which was painted by hands. The roof, chimneys and other details were also attached. Such a model is more robust because it has a stable, solid base and firmly fixed walls while maintaining the uniqueness of the handmade, which is reflected in hand-painted cardboard walls.

3D printing has helped the project to see daylight much faster and make it easier for the artist to complete the complex and detailed visualization of the model.

3D printing technology: FDM

3D printing material: PLA

Size (mm): 418 x 196 x 14; 165 x 77 x 5