With advancement of 3D scanning technology, more and more customers are choosing and testing this advanced and effective way to create complex 3D models.


Our company provides high quality 3D scanning services that include small (smaller than 10 mm) and larger objects such as car or machine parts, sculptures, etc scanning. We also have necessary equipment for the human body scanning, because our used 3D scanners are safe and harmless for people.


Scan in a Box

Our stationary 3D scanner  „Scan in a Box“ allows you to scan static objects from 10 mm to 2000 mm in size, with a resolution of 0.078 mm. Meanwhile, portable, one of the most advanced and the most recognized in the world, „Artec 3D“ scanners allows scans of the human body and small to medium sized objects. The „Artec Spider“ 3D scanner ensures a resolution of 0.05 mm and a particularly good scanning quality.

ArtecWe also use 3D scanners, which reproduce not only the finest details of the item, but also colors. It allows to use this technology in industry, restoration, medicine and in other fields related to art, design etc. Extremely high precision of these devices is useful when scanning small parts of machines, coins, art samples and other fine objects.

3D Scanning Advantages

  • Precisely precise recovery of complex geometric shapes
  • Process efficiency and performance when scanning complex objects
  • High precision
  • Restoration of surface texture and color
  • Applicability – from engineering, orthopedics to dentistry, and other fields

Scanning Examples