3D Scanning

3D scanning possibilities are rapidly expanding and the technology is becoming more accessible, due to the active development of digitization techniques. For that reason, more and more curious customers are trying out this advanced and efficient way to recreate complex 3D models.

Our company provides the highest quality 3D scanning services, which includes the digitization of objects of various sizes, from coins to cars, sculptures, bridges and buildings. Our equipment uses safe and human-friendly technologies, which allow performing 3D scanning of a human body.

Advantages of 3D scanning

  • Precisely accurate reproduction of complex geometric shapes
  • The efficiency and effectiveness of the process
  • Very high accuracy – up to 0.05 mm
  • Restoration of surface textures and colors
  • Wide applicability from engineering to medicine, art and other fields
How does the scanning work?

Cutting-edge technologies

The innovative and world-renowned “Artec 3D” scanners allow performing 3D scanning of small, medium, and large objects with extreme precision and speed. The devices are easily portable, hence, there is no difficulty for us to work on-site if needed.

Our 3D scanning equipment reproduces not only the smallest parts of the object but also the colors. That allows this technology to be used in industry, restoration, medicine, art, and design fields. The high accuracy of the devices is especially useful when scanning precise technical parts, works of art, furniture, etc.

Implemented projects

3D scanning of factories and large objects

We digitize large-scale objects by using professional 3D scanning equipment. It is possible to scan various types of structures – bridges, factories, historic buildings, building facades, and/or interiors. The scanning of vehicles – ships, planes, or parts thereof – can also be performed. Afterwards, according to the customer’s needs, the scanned data is converted into STEP, STL, DWG, E57, or other formats suitable for the client. This allows for quick and convenient performance of the desired measurements, simulations, changes or visualizations to be made.