With more and more customers finding the benefits of 3D printing, the need for modeling is more than ever.

Our company provides 3D modeling (CAD – Computer-based drafting) and digital sculpturing services with globally recognized programs.



We simulate the desired 3D model according to the needs of the client. For 3D modeling we use 2D drawings, sketches or presented client ideas. In addition, we carry out designing and decision implementation works. Also, we carry out the restoration of objects: according to the existing real product or its parts, we develope the highest quality 3D model. This is especially important in order to produce parts that will replace broken or otherwise damaged parts.

When a customer sends us a 3D model, our engineers and designers can adjust or re-make, prepare for 3D printing if necessary. We also carry out the repair and preparation for the computer models created by 3D scanners for further use.


Why customers are choosing our services

  • Free consultation and project evaluation
  • Modeling based on listening to the customer needs
  • Experienced and skilled engineers and designers
  • Real experience with 3D printing
  • The abundance of successfully completed projects
  • Wide selection of modeling services
  • Possibility to model the product and produce work in one place

 Modeling Examples