Molds are an expensive and complex element. It is the main production tool in many companies engaged in serial production. For these reasons, a worn, broken or incorrectly manufactured mold can cause particularly great damage. As a result, we increasingly receive requests for the preparation of STEP models of the mold.

One of such orders we are sharing today. The customer applied with the original mold, the 3D models of which had to be reproduced in STEP format. To fulfill the order first we scanned the forms with a highly precise “Artec Space Spider” 3D scanner, which scans with an accuracy of up to 0.05 mm. Based on the data obtained during the scan and the principles of reverse engineering, both parts of the mold were accurately reproduced in the STEP format.

The STEP format is needed both to make more of the same molds and to make various mold modifications and improvements. With a STEP file you will do all this extremely quickly, conveniently and without potential losses.

Size (mm): 230.00 x 200.00 x 120.00