We’ve already written about the benefits of 3D scanning and the rapidly increasing number of 3D scanning orders. We are pleased to know that our services are trusted not only by Lithuanian but also by foreign customers. This time we are visiting “Mobeck Tekniske” in Norway.

At “Mobeck Tekniske”, we did a 3D scan of the Porsche engine block. For this was used a portable Artec Space Spider 3D scanner. Despite its extremely complex geometry, the engine block was scanned with 0.05 mm accuracy. “Artec” 3D scanning equipment ensures not only the highest precision but also a fast and convenient scanning process.

The 3D model will be used for reverse engineering processes. This process reproduces a fully parametric computer model based on the 3D scanned data. This file can be used in a very wide range of applications. For example for block modifications, improvements, also for creating other parts, adapters and so on.

This method of digitizing the original parts enables the fast and very accurate transfer of information to the digital space and allows for quick and easy manipulation of the available data.

Size (mm): 656.56 x 332.23 x 375.59