Ecology is one of the most relevant and important topics in today’s world. Without changing our habits, we do irreparable damage to our nature. This means we need to do something. And we can start even from the smallest steps, for example – by reducing the amount of packaging. VŠĮ „Sveikime kartu“ approached us with one such idea.

At the customer’s request, we produced a honeycomb master model for the production of mold. Our designers prepared 3D models of the honeycomb-textured jar and screw cap. It was used for 3D printing with FDM-technology-based “Prusa” 3D printers. We used PLA filament, which ensures smooth walls of the prints and great aesthetical view.

Using the 3D printed jar, our customer made a mold to pour wax jar candles. Jars then are filled with honey. Wick is included in the set. After purchasing the honey jar and eating honey, you can make a candle from the remaining wax and burn it. Additionally, by purchasing this environmentally friendly product, you contribute to the creation of the show „NenuGALĖTIeji“, which tells the stories of people affected by oncological diseases.

3D technologies made it possible to obtain an accurate and high-quality master model in particularly short time. We are happy to contribute to this noble idea and have an opportunity to work with developers of organic products.

3D printing technology: FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)

3D printing material: PLA

Object size (mm): 95.00 x 73.28 x  83.49