Warning: the images may be shocking to some audiences.

The development of innovative technologies and the unexpected pandemic situation have rapidly changed the daily life of many people. It is crucial to take into account unpredictable circumstances and ensure a modern and continuous studying process. At the initiative of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, we executed the digitization of pathological anatomic specimens.

At the request of the university, we scanned over 100 specimens of human internal organs and body parts covered by various pathological lesions. We used “Artec Space Spider” 3D scanners, which allow us to capture the specimens with an accuracy of 50 microns. During the scanning, geometry was recorded as well as high-quality colors and all the pathological color changes.

The 3D scanned organs are used for the theoretical and practical training of medicine students and are accessible anytime and anywhere. It especially facilitates the learning process without being dependent on university laboratories.

It is glad to know that modern education is successfully transitioning to digital practices and becoming even more convenient for modern people.