This time, our company was approached by the bee products developer Teta Bitė from the apiary “Pašnekesiai su bitėmis”. She came carrying a 30 cm heigh sculpture of happy monk, specially brought from abroad. The beekeeper liked the sculpture of the cheerful monk so much that she decided to make some resized candles in the shape of this monk. In that case, you would have to sculpt the monk by yourself, or .. use 3D technologies!

Thanks to the advanced 3D technologies, candle-positive production has become an extremely fast and accurate procedure. The original 30 cm happy monk sculpture was scanned using an “Artec Space Spider” 3D scanner, capable of capturing real objects with an accuracy up to 0.05 mm. The resulting 3D model was proportionally scaled to a height of 12 cm as needed to fit neatly into the box.

3D printing was performed on a high-precision “Form 2” 3D printer based on stereolithography technology. This technology provides an extremely precise and smooth surface that is perfect for further silicone mold production.

3D printed monk sculpture was used to make a silicone mold. In this form, a series of monk candles were cast from wax to adorn Teta Bitė’s client’s homes. We are excited that 3D technologies are discovering their application in a wide variety of areas, making it easier to implement original ideas and save each of us precious time.

Technology: SLA (Stereolitography)

3D printing material: liquid resin

Size (mm): 61 x 63 x 120 mm