Žvėrynas district in Vilnius is a particularly unique place. There are many buildings included in the Register of Cultural Heritage. Some wooden houses date back hundreds of years, so it goes without saying that the buildings need renovation. State-protected objects can only be repaired in accordance with strict regulations, so the owners face challenges restoring unique decor elements of old houses, window frames, siding, edging. To this end, a study of the elements of Žvėrynas architecture was carried out on the initiative of the members of the Žvėrynas community who cherished wooden architecture.

The result of the project is a catalog of architectural elements. For the creation of it was performed 3D scanning of various different objects. To compile the catalog were used old, unused windows, their parts, siding, and other elements, which were carefully collected by members of the Žvėrynas community. We used advanced and fast “Artec Leo” 3D scanners to digitize large objects, such as windows or edging. For smaller decor objects and profiles we used “Artec Space Spider” with 3D point accuracy up to 0,05 mm. In such a way were scanned dozen of different designs of windows and their details, edging, and siding. Based on these data were created highly accurate 2D drawings and visualizations.

This catalog consists of not only drawings but authentic photographs, descriptions, documents from archives, museums, library collections as well. This catalog is available to society. It is hoped, that this publication will help everyone who wants to preserve the authenticity of Žvėrynas. 3D scanning – is the only way to capture the geometry and colors of unique and difficult-to-measure elements quickly and extremely accurately.

The catalog can be found here: http://www.vilniausmuziejai.lt/MMAM/katalogas.pdf

Size (mm): up to 1868 x 950 x 66