Although modern technology hasn’t found ways to turn back time yet, 3D technology is already able to slow it down. Not only the majority of Lithuanian museums but also the Society of Archaeologists managed to see these advantages. We are talking about the digitization of especially old and important objects by 3D scanning. This method not only doesn’t cause any negative effects on the exhibit but also captures it with extreme precision, perpetuating every geometric shape and color.

At the request of archaeologists, we performed a 3D scan of several Stone Age pots. For this purpose, we used an extremely accurate “Artec Space Spider” 3D scanner with a 3D point accuracy of 0.05 mm. It is especially important that all “Artec 3D” devices are contactless and safe when scanning externally sensitive exhibits or the human body. Thanks to the high speed of the scanner, one pot 3D scanning process takes only half an hour. If necessary, we can come to the place of your choice.

The scanned 3D models were used to create a virtual exhibition where visitors could view selected pots on a computer screen and learn more about their history. We are glad that 3D scanning allows us to perform the digitization process not only with high quality but also quickly, without causing any additional inconveniences.

Size (mm): 142.70 x 142.00 x 143.10