When the world faced the problem of COVID-19, everything instantly moved to the Internet. Starting with work from home to virtual traveling. As visitor flows decline, museums suffer
significant losses. In order to solve this problem, both world and Lithuanian museums have started digitizing their exhibits and creating virtual museums. 3D scanning is an inseparable
and most reliable tool for implementing this idea.

We are pleased to offer an extremely high-quality 3D scanning service suitable for museum and gallery digitization. Our “Artec” 3D scanning equipment ensures the accuracy of scanned objects up to 0.05 mm. Scanned exhibits are instantly reproduced with textures and colors up to 16K resolution. These devices are mobile, so we come to the museum and do the work on-site if needed. The extremely high speed of the scanners allows the work to be performed extremely quickly without causing any inconvenience.

We process the scanned data and provide it to the customer in the required formats. All 3D models are fully free of extraneous noise and ready for further use. Scanned 3D models are used to create virtual museums, integrate them into websites, or preserve it as documentation.

We are glad that we have the opportunity to cooperate with many Lithuanian museums and thus contribute to the process of fast and high-quality digitization.