3D scanning technology is rapidly evolving – a wide range of 3D scanners allows you to scan not only small objects but large format products with extreme accuracy and speed as well. And it’s not only about technical objects. A 7-meter wide piece of art can also be quickly digitized!

This time we are sharing an exclusive 3D scan request. Using an ultra-fast portable “Artec Leo” 3D scanner, we performed a 3D scan of a 7-meter-long bull polystyrene foam sculpture. The foam model was used as a positive to produce the bronze sculpture, so it was cut into separate parts before casting. At the request of the author, the sculpture was 3D scanned before the cutting process. Computer 3D model was used for visualizations, and small scaled 20 cm copies of the bull were printed with 3D printers and casted as small souvenirs for important guests.

This impressive sculpture decorated the Aviator Square in Vilnius. The new square symbolizes open doors to the fast-growing aviation industry, and the main symbol of the square has undoubtedly become a giant bull sculpture. This is the largest bronze bull sculpture in the world!

We are happy to be part of such an impressive project. We highly recommend you to visit the famous bull. It is said that touching a bull gives strength and rubbing his nose will attract financial success. 😊

Source and photos: https://www.lrytas.lt/verslas/rinkos-pulsas/2021/06/22/news/atidare-aviacijos-skvera-sekmes-simboliu-tapes-triumfuojantis-bulius-nepaliks-abejingu-19840540

3D printing technology: FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)

3D printing material: PETG

Size (mm): 7177.16 x 5526.94 x 3588.63 (original), 441.74 x 200.00 x 196.79 (scaled copy)