Industry is one of the largest groups of our customers. As you know, industrial machines and the components used in them must be very precise and strong. As a result, we often receive inquiries to produce extremely strong plastic parts. It is gratifying that in 3D printing we have polyamide and carbon fiber filament, which is one of the strongest materials in the polymer class.

We are sharing one order example, for the realization of which we have used PA6-CF plastic 3D printing. Polyamide PA6-CF is a carbon fiber reinforced PA6 (Nylon 6) filament. The carbon fiber reinforcement provides significantly improved stiffness, strength, and heat resistance with outstanding layer adhesion. Prusa’s ultra-fast and accurate FDM-based 3D printers have been used for 3D printing. Using PA6-CF material we can print parts up to 1 x 1 x 1 meter in size!

PA6-CF 3D printed parts are not only very strong but have precise, smooth walls as well. 3D printing allows you to produce single or small-series parts quickly and easily. PA6-CF plastic guarantees the maximum strength and durability of these parts.

3D printing technology:  FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)

3D printing material: PA6-CF

Size (mm): 144.00 x 101.80 x 102.99