Interior and furniture design is another rapidly evolving field in which our customers perfectly adapt innovative 3D technologies. 3D scanning and 3D printing allow you to capture, adjust, print, or simply duplicate unique environmental objects extremely quickly and accurately.

One of the outstanding projects is the restoration of table leg decor. Using the original table leg decor provided by the client, we have made four copies of it. Thanks to the extremely fast and accurate “Artec Space Spider” 3D scanner, we have scanned the original decor element with an accuracy of 0.05 mm. 3D scanned model was edited by adding mounting holes. After making all the necessary adjustments, we have printed four table legs decorations. We have used PETG filament and FDM-technology-based “Prusa” 3D printers.

3D scanning, modeling, and printing technologies allow us to reproduce the original decor shapes extremely quickly and accurately and print the required number of parts in just a couple of working days. In this way, the customer saved production costs and received a particularly fast and identical to the original result.

3D printing technology:  FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)

3D printing material: PETG

Size (mm): 66.00 x 66.00 x 125.12