3D printing is no longer just a tool for small projects. We always emphasize that the size of 3D-printed products has absolutely no limits. Plastic parts printed by FDM technology can be successfully and firmly connected into solid objects to make them even several meters long. Our large-scale 1 x 1 x 1 m 3D printers ensure as few divisions as possible.

One such project is the production of a >4 meters high hand sculpture. At the customer’s request, our designers made a 3D model of a tweezer-holding hand standing next to the existing molecule sculpture. We printed this hand on large format “Modix” 3D printers. Later, the hand parts were joined, reinforced, post-processed and painted. The 3D-printed sculpture is is resistant to outdoor conditions.

The 3D-printed hand was placed on the roof of the building, next to the DNA molecule sculpture. It complemented the existing composition. This production method allowed the customer to produce the unique hand that matched his idea. Also, it was manufactured faster and cheaper than it could be done with other production methods.

3D printing technology:
FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)

3D printing material: PETG

Size (mm): 1048.52 x 2165.81 x 4038.31