The automotive industry is one of the first who rapidly applied innovative 3D technologies to its business. Modern technologies have shortened unique, custom parts production time and raised the accuracy of works to a new level. Foam and macro-flex production methods are long since been forgotten, and the 3D scanner has become the main tool for measuring vehicle parts.

This time, at the customer’s request, we made improvements to the camper’s trim parts. The customer faced the need to adjust certain trim parts when he decided to customize his existing camper. For this purpose, we’ve scanned the trim parts with an “Artec Eva” 3D scanner. This device can scan large objects extremely quickly and accurately (up to 0,01 mm). Also, the new HD mode ensures the highest possible resolution of scanned parts.

According to the customer’s needs, the scanned parts were customized by our designers and printed on large-scale “Modix” 3D printers. The final prints were made of PETG. The customer will post-process the 3D printed parts and attach them to the camper. This production method is the most accurate and easiest way to adjust, improve or simply duplicate the original parts.

3D printing technology:  FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)

3D printing material: PETG

Size (mm): the biggest 1253.38 x 115.10 x 399.68