Making unique, one-of-a-kind souvenirs can become a real headache until you decide to use 3D technology. Modern 3D printing methods allow us to produce end-use parts, prototypes of various mechanisms, or scaled souvenir copies of them quickly and easily.

Recently we have shared the project of AKO Trike, a manufacturer of unique tricycles, during which we produced large-scale trim parts for trikes. To this day, the company has successfully developed a prototype of this unique device and has returned with a request to print a scaled down copy of a reduced trike. Such symbolic prints are a special and unique gift for the project partners or the developers themselves.
Using 3D model provided by the client, we 3D printed the trike with a SLA technology-based “Form 3L” 3D printer. SLA technology allows products to be printed in layers of 25-100 microns, achieving exceptional accuracy and sharpness. The new “Form 3L” printer ensures impeccable print quality and high speed. The 3D printed trike was painted in the color chosen by the customer.

Modern additive manufacturing methods allow us to make a variety of unique products easily and quickly – from real-size tricycles to palm-sized sculptures of them. It can be a unique gift for an important guest or a pleasant memory.

3D printing technology: SLA (Stereolithography)

3D printing material: standard resin

Size (mm): 119.35 x 51.71 x 61.07