3D printing is a great solution for unique products manufacturing. This is particularly relevant when producing prototypes, mock-ups, or other types of samples. One company operating in Germany, which manufactures suitcases and boxes for transporting and storing various devices, also took advantage of these benefits. At their request, we performed 3D printing of a suitcase model.

According to the 3D models sent by the customer, we performed 3D printing of large format parts and assembly of the suitcase. For the 3D printing process was used large-format FDM technology 3D printer “Modix BIG-METER”. This 3D printer allows you to print solid products up to 1 m3 in size, so all the necessary parts of the suitcase were made continuous, without additional divisions. PLA plastic was chosen for the printing of the box, and the castors were printed from elastic TPU material. This combination made it possible to realistically restore the materiality of the future product.

The customer will take this prototype to exhibitions and use it as a mock-up of the product being developed. 3D printing made it possible to produce the suitcase quickly, at low cost, and to objectively evaluate its future functionality.

3D printing technology: FDM ( Fused Deposition Modeling)

3D printing material: PLA and TPU

Size (mm): 650 x 430 x 290