There are only a few people who don’t know that 3D printing can offer undiscovered possibilities. Starting with the production of the simplest prototypes, this technology has become popular in many major industrial, medical, art, architectural, and other fields. And it continues to amaze us, even when it comes to the ability to see and know the world!

Today we are sharing a project with a very great and sensitive idea. At the request of a private customer, we restored one Vilnius Old Town house 3D mockup. Our professional designers have created the computer 3D model of the house in a very high level of details. It was done by using photos provided by the client.

The 3D modeled house has been scaled to a width of 55 cm and 3D printed with a large-scale FDM-technology-based 3D printer “Modix Big-60”. We have chosen PLA filament, which ensures stability, creates a smooth wall surface, and is environmentally friendly as well.

The 3D-printed house was a gift to the blind person. It allowed him to “see” this house for the first time with the help of this 3D printed mockup! We are more than happy to contribute to such projects and give people at least a small opportunity to get to know the world in their own unique way.

3D printing technology: FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)

3D printing material: PLA

Size (mm): 555.30 x 304.10 x 427.70