This year, on the occasion of the 59th International Venice Biennale, the Contemporary Art Centre (CAC) presented Robertas Narkus’ new project for the Lithuanian Pavilion: „Gut Feeling”.

A social sculpture – a surrealist cooperative – is made from seaweed, which is one of the most nutritious and rapidly renewable food sources, with the potential to solve the imminent nutritional scarcity of Earth’s rapidly growing population. “Gut Feeling” is complex and site-specific, where artist Robertas Narkus maneuvers between an honest desire to change the world, a persistent belief in the promise of collaboration, his egocentric ambitions, and flirtation with structures, technological progress, and humor.

We are happy to have taken part in the preparation to present this unique artwork at an international exhibition and to have printed a 3D version of “Gut Feeling”. According to the customer’s request, we have produced an 80 cm wide cloud. Large-scale FDM technology-based 3D printers „Modix Big-60“ and PETG plastic have been used for this project production. Further processing (sanding, painting) was done by the customer.

Photos of the exhibition: Audrius Solominas

3D printing technology: FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)

3D printing material: PETG

Size (mm): 800.00 x 565.00 x 589.00