3D modeling is a particularly convenient and fast way to create new products. But when it comes to making unique parts and applying them to handmade products, the process becomes more complicated. In this situation, 3D scanning technology is especially helpful.

This time we want to share an exclusive project of the company “NewMadera RIBs” – digitization of impressively sized handmade yachts. We used a long-range 3D scanner „Artec Ray“ to place this order. This device allows us to scan especially large objects. The 3D scanned yacht 3D model was captured with 0.7 mm point accuracy. The 3D scanning process of three yachts took 12 hours.

The scanned 3D models were used to create STEP files. It was done by reverse engineering principles. Since the yacht is handmade, our reverse engineering specialists had to be especially careful, maintaining each unique shape. The created STEP models were handed over to the customer, who will use them to design new equipment, furniture, and appliances on the yachts.

This method of digitization allows creating 3D models of the yachts especially quickly and without errors. It accelerates the yacht production process and ensures its accuracy.

Yachts size: up to 12 m in length