We are proud to contribute to creating “Bio City,” the largest biotechnology campus currently under construction in Europe. Recently, we participated in creating a time capsule, which will be displayed at the center as a symbol of the intersection of technological advancement and natural biological processes over time. 🐚
We envisioned the time capsule encased in a coral-like texture, so we designed and printed a covering for the metal cylinder using a timeless material, ensuring it would maintain its original form for future generations. The intricate geometry of the shell required the use of SLS printing technology and the capabilities of the PRODWAYS printer, which allowed us to fuse PA11, a biologically-based polyamide polymer, into the desired shape. Afterward, we cleaned the unsolidified powder and sandblasted the shell. The result impressed both us and our clients – a unique shell with a natural coral texture that elegantly encased the time capsule cylinder, embodying the harmony of solid metal and delicate organic coral.

3D printing technology: SLS
Material: PA11 Nylon
Size (length x width x height): 100 x 250mm