Have you come up with a brilliant idea but have a limited time to implement it? In this case, production speed and quality provided by 3D technologies can be the solution you are looking for.

We had the chance to challenge ourselves on one such project – the creation and production of SurfShark award statuettes. To carry out this project, we began by building a 3D model based on the concept described by the customers. Later, we printed the statuettes using PLA thermoplastic and the cutting-edge Prusa 3D printers. We printed the two parts – the black plastic base and the blue inscription separately and later joined them. Finally, the plates with the names of the award winners were milled using CNC technology and then glued to the statuettes.

It’s incredible that we were able to turn an abstract idea into unique 24 printed award statuettes in just one week thanks to 3D technologies!

3D printing technology: FDM
3D printing material: PLA
Size: 210 x 10 x 90mm