We often receive requests to scan an original part and prepare files for CNC milling or other machining operations. In this situation, the standard STL file that we receive immediately after the 3D scanning process is often insufficient. This is why we use reverse engineering.

One of the examples is 3D scanning and conversion of this part into a fully parametric STEP model. The customer was going to mill this part on a CNC machine, so he needed an exact parametric STEP model. To complete this task, we performed a 3D scan of the part with our most accurate “Artec Space Spider” 3D scanner. The 3D scanned part was reproduced by modelers using reverse engineering principles. In this way we get an exact parametric STEP model from the mesh file, that fully restores the geometry of the part, eliminates scratches and wear. Also, we can make the necessary adjustments if needed.

This way allows us to particularly optimize the reproduction
of the original part on a programmable machine, reducing 3D modeling time and costs.

Size (mm): 272.6 x 305.7 x 68