3D Creative has officially become a partner of Kreon 3D, a manufacturer of high-precision metrological 3D scanning equipment. We now offer highly accurate scanning services using state-of-the-art Kreon scanners.

Kreon is the first company to develop Blue Laser technology, which allows scanning of challenging materials, like glossy, shiny surfaces, as well as products of various forms and colors without any additional preparation. What’s more, the combination of our robotic measuring arm and the 3D scanner ensures scanning accuracy of up to 9 µm.

Modern metrological 3D scanning allows us to perfectly understand the size and shape of objects and make the most accurate measurements. We can now offer our clients innovative and highly efficient solutions for reverse engineering, CAD measurement analysis, quality control, 3D measurements, and more.

Learn more about metrological 3D scanning: https://bit.ly/3JyBTD3