At the customer’s request, the crashed part of the „Chrysler“ bumper was restored and printed. Company engineers scanned the car bumper using the highly-precise and mobile 3D scanner„ Artec Space Spider“. Using 3D modeling software, a broken bumper part was restored. It is printed using the FDM printing technology „Zortrax M200“ 3D printer. The part was printed from Ultrat plastic. In this case, this plastic is perfectly suited, because this plastic has rigidity, it is resistant to severe outdoor conditions, what is more, this material is easily mechanically felted and painted. The customer will affix the printed part to the bumper, it will be processed: grinding, priming, painting.

Using 3D scanning and printing technologies, the antique car bumper has been refurbished, which is no longer available for sale in Europe. Client choosing our service has saved costs and time compared to sending the final product from the US.

3D Printed Material: Z-Ultrat (ABS)

3D Printing Technology: Fused (FDM) (fused deposition modeling)

Product size (mm): 172 x 158 x 102