A motorcycle demfer was scanned and printed on the order of the client.

Upon request, company engineers scanned an antique motorcycle demfer using the „Artec Space Spider“ industrial 3D scanner, which is metrologically accurate and capable of scanning highly complex surfaces. The 3D demfer model was modified with 3D modeling software. The part was printed with the SLS (selective laser sintering) technology 3D printer, which distinguish by the surface plainess and particularity of the printed parts. The product was printed from PA plastic, this plastic is not only extremely durable, weather resistant, but is also easy to paint, so this material is perfectly suitable in this case.

Using 3D scanning and printing technologies, it is possible to quickly and qualitatively restore old, antique and non-commercial products, as in this case, the pre-war motorcycle damfer.

3D printing material: PA plastic

3D Printing Technology: SLS (selective laser sintering)

Product dimensions (mm): 62 x 142 x 62