The client contacted us, having worn gear wheel with weary gear teeth. At his request, we restored and printed a new metal gear wheel.

First of all, the recovery of the gear wheel was carried out using 3D modeling software. The gear wheel has been measured and accurately restored to the relevant standards. Since the original part was made of metal, the printing of the plastic, in this case, did not fit, because the part was supposed to be extremely strong. For this reason, we chose stainless steel for printing. The printed metal gear wheel in the mechanism has completely replaced the worn-out old gear wheel.

Since such gears are usually sold in a complete set with the whole mechanism, its acquisition from trading venues is really expensive. In this case, 3D printing allowed the customer to quickly and with low cost get the necessary part without much effort.

3D printing material: Stainless steel

3D printing technology: DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering) 

Product size (mm): Ø25 x 6.8