3D printing is characterized by a wide range of technologies, which enables its application to expand across various fields. One of the unique 3D printing technologies is stereolithography, renowned for its high accuracy and smooth surface finish.

An illustrative example is the 3D printing of intake ports. We fabricated two intake parts based on the customer-provided computer 3D models. For this task, we utilized the ‘Formlabs 3L’ large format 3D printer along with the robust resin ‘Tough 2000’, known for its stiffness and durability. This combination not only ensured product accuracy and surface smoothness but also imparted strength to the final functional product.

The Form 3L printer has the capacity to produce solid parts of up to 33.5 × 20.0 × 30 cm in size. This new model incorporates advanced printing technology that enhances both speed and accuracy.

3D printing technology:  SLA (Stereolitography)

3D printing material: liquid resin

Size (mm): 97 x 105 x 310 mm