We have frequently highlighted and demonstrated that 3D printing is an exceptional tool for realizing artistic creations and complex designs. Recently, we were approached by designer Ben K Mickus, an American of Lithuanian descent, who wanted to entrust his vision and its materialization exclusively to Lithuanians.

Upon receiving the designer’s 3D model, we evaluated its parameters and made necessary adjustments to ensure the project aligned with the capabilities of 3D printing. We opted to use the Modix BIG60 printer and FDM technology, known for its precision in printing intricate designs. We crafted the lamp using environmentally friendly PLA plastic, renowned for its high surface quality. Today, this unique design has taken on a distinctive form and is proudly showcased in the designer’s exhibition. We are delighted to have applied our expertise and experience to bring yet another meaningful project to life.

3D printing technology: FDM
Material: PLA
Size (height x diameter): 1000 x 520 mm