Considering ever-increasing needs of our customers and in order to ensure the highest quality and speed of 3D printing services, we have added another industrial 3D printer to our ranks, one of the world’s leading “Prodways ProMaker P1000”!

This industrial SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) technology 3D printer is an extremely high-performance and high-precision device. The advanced heating system ensures particularly consistent mechanical properties of printed products. Thanks to the extremely precise laser beam and a digital galvo scanning system, the printed products are very precise, detailed, with sharp and clear edges.

Unlike others, SLS technology printed products are extremely robust, seamless, complex in geometry, durable, and therefore are perfect for a wide range of applications, from the automotive, medical, aerospace and industrial industries to art and design. We can print both single and small-scale products for prototyping and end-use. Thanks to the high productivity level, small-scale production will be carried out even faster!

From now on we can offer TPU, PolyPropylene, PA12, PA11, PA6 LM, PP nat 01, PA11, PA11 GB30, PA11 CF, PA11 ESD, TPU01, TPU 88A materials of SLS technology 3D printing.

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