Educational exhibition “Lithuania Goes to School” was opened at Vilnius Minties Gymnasium (Erfurt 23), on May 10.

We have also contributed to this initiative by 3D printing buildings and school mock-ups for the installation of the exhibition.

For 3D printing was chosen two different technologies 3D printers – 2017 the world’s best “Zortrax” 3D printer and “Form2”. Last mentioned printer was used for important schools models manufacturing. Thanks to the SLA-based printer, the 3D models are very precise and accurate. Other buildings used FDM technology “Zortrax”, which at its own speed ensured the prompt and high-quality project execution. For 3D printing was used liquid white resin and HIPS plastic. After printing, some mock-ups were painted.

This method of production allowed not only to accelerate and facilitate the production of mock-ups but also to contribute to this exciting initiative in the preparation of an exhibition! You can view this exhibition at the Minties gymnasium until June 8th.

3D printing material: liquid resin, HIPS

3D printing technology: SLA (stereolithography); FDM (fused deposition modeling)

Product size (mm): 141 x 15 x 63 (maximum)