With the outbreak of the COVID-19, we have received not only a large flow of 3D scanning requests for single objects but also the need to digitize even entire art galleries. Thanks to 3D technology, this process can be performed quickly, safely, and guaranteeing the highest quality.

This time we are sharing the project initiated by the architecture gallery “Nulinis laipsnis” (_0 *). It is the transfer of three real exhibitions to the virtual space. Professional 3D scanning and photogrammetry technologies had been used for this idea implementation. Our wide range of “Artec 3D” scanners have allowed each exhibit to be digitized quickly and with the highest accuracy by choosing the optimal equipment for each object. The works of art were captured with an accuracy of up to 0.05 mm, while fully reproducing the color of the products. Each exhibition consists of a general view of the gallery, where the user can look around the room and see its layout. To view a specific exhibit, simply click on the icon next to it. It is possible to view three-dimensional exhibits from all sides and to see two-dimensional works in the highest resolution.

In such a way have been digitized three unique exhibitions: „Lingarium“, „Hypha 1.0“, „Atramos taškas“. All of them can be found on “_0*” website http://www.0-x.eu/category/_0-vr/ .

We are glad to know, that the global pandemic hasn’t stopped the activities of art galleries and they still can share their new expositions to the visitors.

Size (mm): 4500 x 4600 x 3200