Carlo Gavazzi is an international group active in designing, manufacturing and marketing electronic equipment. Automation components are the core activity of Carlo Gavazzi. Almost 1.5 years ago, this company complemented its performance with 2017’s most advanced desktop-class “Zortrax M200” 3D printer. After this device has been proven, the company decided to purchase the “Zortrax M300 plus” and finally the “Zortrax Inkspire” 3D printers. Seeing the success story of this company in 3D printing, we talked to their engineer Lukas Salasevičius and shared his impressions.

„Key things where we apply “Zortrax” 3D printers – is a 3D prototype for new electronics component holders, fixers, housings and other parts used in the R &D department”, says Lukas. Engineer mentions that 3D printing is already going step by step to production. „3D printing speed and quality allow printing to be applied not only to prototypes but also to final products.”

„3D printing is a daily companion of us. Printers work continuously every day.” Lukas also clarified that the first “Zortrax M200” FDM printer has already worked for 2949 hours and it’s just the beginning! The younger “Zortrax M300 plus” and the “Inkspire” SLA printer are a little behind.

L. Salasevičius says that 3D printers have changed their working habits very strongly. „In particular, the production of holders involved in production operations has been strongly accelerated. Some of the products are difficult to produce in other ways, even in milling. For this reason, 3D printing has almost taken over the production of those parts. Our employees are satisfied that they no longer limit the technical nuances as they used to be in CNC. Angles and rounded edges do not restrict design and let them create solid objects.”

The company estimates that the first printer has paid off in the first 6 months of use and has greatly increased its productivity. Lukas emphasizes „We are really satisfied with these innovations and want to even further expand our 3D printer amount.” The most important advantage according to Lukas is the time. „After the creation of the 3D model, we only need to print it, and printing requires little human time. Contrary to the production of CNC machines, they must be handled by a person and human resources are expensive. Also, before the purchase of 3D printers, the production time for the new item was one week and more. From now on, 3D printing allows us to shorten this time to two or even one days.”

Speed, Quality, Freedom – all this describes 3D printing capabilities nowadays in business!