Have you ever wondered what you associate the museum with? Many say it is antiquity, dusty books, counting-ages exhibits and their unique stories. These times now are the past. Everything is moving into the 3D world. The Devils of Kaunas are no exception marching toward the digital future!

In turn, we are delighted to contribute to the immortalization of art on the blockchain by 3D scanning the most exclusive exhibits of the Devils Museum with the Artec Space Spider 3D scanner. The scanning was performed with up to 0.05 mm 3D point accuracy, capturing not only the precise geometry, but colors of the exhibits as well.

The digital version of real historical art pieces is set to redefine our current understanding of the preservation and ownership of artworks. 3D scanning is an extremely fast and convenient way to accomplish this mission.

3D models gallery: https://bit.ly/3T6dnNP