Sometimes we joke that a 3D scanner could be called the ruler of our time. It is a measuring roulette, measuring slider, micrometer, protractor, and many other measuring devices in one. You might ask – why we should make a 3D scan if we can measure everything manually with the same protractor? The answer is simple – we will speed up your work not a few, but a few dozen times! In addition, there is a likelihood of error when measured by hand. 3D scanner not only eliminates this possibility but also ensures accuracy up to 0.05 mm.

For the same purpose, we were approached by a client who wanted to make an individual decoration for the stairs of his home. For this purpose was needed precise staircase geometry so that the cut finish would ideally match the real staircase edges. To do this, we used “Artec Leo” 3D scanner, which took only 15 minutes to scan 21 step stairs.

3D model has been handed over to a customer who intends to model and cut out an individual staircase decoration in order to enhance his home interior. We are glad that customers who value their precious time choose the most advanced technologies and are confident that the measurement process was not mistaken, and the decoration will fit perfectly and decorate the house!

Overall dimensions (mm):: 1010 x 4194 x 5500