The process of restoring classic cars requires precision and attention to detail, especially when it comes to the iconic Porsche 964. The Artec Leo 3D scanner has proven to be an invaluable tool in this regard.

Today, we would like to share a Porsche interior 3D scanning request that was placed by a company called Apparatus Machinery, which specializes in the automotive industry. The Artec Leo scanner utilizes advanced technology to capture the intricate details of the Porsche 964, ensuring highly accurate and reliable 3D scans with up to 0.1 mm 3D point accuracy. By scanning the vehicle from multiple angles, the Leo scanner creates a comprehensive digital model that encompasses every contour and curve of the car.

This digital replica serves as a valuable reference for restoration specialists, allowing them to recreate original parts and panels with the utmost accuracy. The high-resolution scans obtained from the Artec Leo expedite the restoration process by minimizing guesswork and reducing the risk of errors.