3D printing is a great way to quickly and easily prepare mockups of future architectural projects and recreate models of already existing historical buildings.

We had an exciting and challenging task to recreate the model of the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. This mosque, located in Muscat, is the largest one in Oman. It is a three-story structure of impressive architecture, and its minaret reaches an incredible 91.5 m height.

Based on the model we found, we made some corrections and started creating a mockup of this impressive building. To print the main elements of the mockup, we used FDM technology-based “Modix Big Meter” 3D printer and PLA plastic (0.4 mm layer). To print the upper parts of the structure, we employed SLS technology “Formlabs 3L” 3D printer (0.1 mm layer) and painted them afterward. The production took only two weeks, thus saving a lot of time. The 3D printed architectural mockup of the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque will be displayed in the exhibition of the VIP area of the ArtVilnius contemporary art fair.

3D printing technologies: FDM (angl. Fused Deposition Modeling) ir SLA (angl. Stereolithography)

3D printing material: PLA

Size (mm): 800mm length x 450mm width x 300mm high