New and environmentally friendly technologies are rapidly evolving. The agricultural sector is no exception. A Lithuanian company created a hybrid tractor that is powered by alternative fuel – gas made from cow dung.

From the idea to the design and frame constructions, this is a unique and sustainable project. Thus, we are happy to have taken part in creating a representational model of this tractor. For the implementation of this project, we chose a combination of FDM technology “Prusa” and SLS technology-based Prodways P1000 3D printers. We printed 19 individual parts using PA11 nylon, TPU (for tires) and PETG materials. After printing, the parts were painted and joined together.

The production of the tractor model took only 2 weeks, and ensured the impeccable quality and strength of the final 3D printed product.

3D printing technologies: FDM and SLS
3D printing materials: PETG, TPU ir PA11 nylon
Size (mm): 320mm length x 185mm width x 200mm high