We are always happy to be able to contribute to every innovative project. This time one of these is the interactive exposition of Kedainiai Museum “The Gold Age of Kedainiai in the 17th-century citizen stories. In collaboration with advanced digital communication companion Multimediamark, we implemented this exposition that has no analogs in Lithuania, presenting the period of Kedainiai gold age.

This remarkable historical period of great importance to the city of Kedainiai is told by this new exposition. Not making a mistake by saying ’tells’. The main characters of the exposition – seven 3D printed sculptures of Kėdainiai citizens, placed in different exposition places telling different stories. This is how the very rich history of Kedainiai region has been described in a very original way. In this interactive model, you can see the old town of Kedainiai with objects that stood in the 17th century, extending into the labyrinths of streets, typical building, and natural relief.

The most advanced and accurate 3D printers – Form 2 and Zortrax M200 – were used to implement this project. Seven main characters were printed with SLA 3D printing technology because it is capable of restoring even the smallest parts of the object in detail. FDM technology 3D printer and HIPS plastic were used to print buildings, bridges, and ships. This plastic is perfect for printing architectural models because it does not lose its accuracy due to temperature factors and maintains a particularly white color during printing, making it easy to prepare models for painting.

The printed parts were painted and collected in a single exposition. We are very pleased to contribute to this project and to cooperate with Multimediamark company professionals. Created together, the innovative exposition delights the visitors of Kėdainiai Regional Museum. This project reaffirms that 3D printing of expositions, art installations, or sculptures is a great way to implement innovative projects quickly, accurately, and at the lowest cost.

3D printing technology:: FDM (fused deposition modeling) ir SLA (stereolitography).

3D printing material:: HIPS plastic, liquid resin.