These days we receive more and more inquiries regarding the preparation of production models for spare parts of various production machines components. Many manufacturers can ship spare parts within a few weeks in the event of a failure. Unfortunately, stopping production for such a period of time is very expensive. And parts prices are never low either. To this end, companies are increasingly choosing to create computer models of the most used parts, which can be produced at any time and in any number by 3D printing, milling, or other production methods. This solution allows you to react particularly quickly to production failures and not to store excess spare parts in stock.

This order was implemented for the same purpose. We performed 3D scanning and reverse engineering for two machine components. The most accurate “Artec Space Spider” 3D scanner, scanning up to 0.05 mm accuracy, was used for scanning. The scanned data were used to reproduce an accurate STEP model.

STEP files are very popular in production. These files also can be used in many CAD programs. Files can be edited, improved, etc. The STEP file is not only suitable for 3D printing but is also widely used in milling, thus giving the customer complete freedom of choice on how to produce the part.

By creating a 3D model in STEP format, you will be able to produce your parts at any time and in any quantity, thus avoiding an unexpected shortage.

Size (mm): 320.4 x 13.4 x 114 and 123.7 x 62 x 10