We are pleased to have become an indispensable partner for our customers in the production of original candles. This time we are sharing the candlemaker „CandleCan” impressive project – production of salmon candle positive.

For this idea implementation, were used 3D modeling and 3D printing services. Our highly skilled artistic 3D designers have created an extremely realistic salmon surface texture. The 3D modeling was done according to the customer’s photos and requirements. For the candle positive model 3D printing was chosen as the most accurate SLA printing technology. This 3D printing method enables extremely precise (0.05 mm layer thickness) and detailed 3D computer model reproduction. Because the surface of the salmon is very fine and detailed, the choice of the SLA perfectly met the expectations.

The 3D printed positive was used to produce a silicone mold. After all, the wax is cast in silicone  form. After casting are made the final accents, such as painting and packaging in extra-original packaging.

It’s nice to see that 3D printing allows you to have unlimited imagination and fulfill your most unexpected projects. We wish all the best for the “CandleCan” team and look forward to implementing their other original ideas as well!

3D printing technology: SLA (Stereolithography)

3D printing material: liquid resin

Size (mm): 99 x 99 x 47 mm