A Swedish company who specializes in quick house assemblings on locations ordered to are to have a clear visualization of the house itself and it’s interior for potential customers which helps them to decide quicker.

All 14 houses were 3D modeled using sketches and 3D visualizations while keeping in mind 3D printable features e. g. too narrow walls, simplified furniture, etc.

“Zortrax M200” 3D printers were used to print all parts because of its reliability, the HIPS material was chosen for its surface quality and ease to post-process. Every house consists of 20-30 different fragments and elements because models are much bigger than what M200 3D printer can print.

Printed 3D models were post-processed with various tools and painted in different colors by customer’s wish.

From order confirmation to finishing project, it took 2 months which shows how 3D modeling and house layouts 3D printing can produce such architectural models in a short amount of time.

3D printing material: HIPS plastic

3D printing technology: FDM (fused deposition modeling)

Product size (mm): 240 x 160 x 150