Prodways 3D printers and materials

Prodways is opening up new opportunities for innovation and production by offering the most efficient industrial 3D printers on the market today. Prodways uses the latest technological breakthroughs to bring you innovative multi-technology additive manufacturing solutions for every single step of your industrial process on a large range of applications.

Advantages of Prodways 3D printers:

• Industrial productivity, reducing operating costs
• High precision and accuracy for all your plastic parts
• Advanced thermal stability for optimized mechanical properties
• High temperature configurations to process high performance plastic materials
• A large portfolio of premium plastic materials with high recyclability rates, with cost savings up to 40%
• A unique open materials strategy to operate the material of your choice

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Industrial 3D printers

Prodways offers industrial 3D printers with premium technologies on a large range of applications:


3D print ceramic parts with unique levels of precision

Key industrial applications: biomedicine, medical, jewelry, investment casting, injection molding and tooling


Get unique levels of resolution and speed to print end-use plastic parts as well as patterns and tooling components

Key industrial applications: dental, medical, jewelry, investment casting, injection molding and tooling.


3D print durable resistant thermoplastic parts for prototypes and small series production

Key industrial applications: automotive, medical, aerospace, industry, consumer, luxury & design.

Prodways 3D printing materials

At the heart of Prodways’ expertise is the creation of premium additive manufacturing materials exploiting the full potential of our industrial 3D printers, including hybrid and composite materials, boasting high-performance mechanical properties(resistance and elasticity), physical and aesthetic properties (color and transparency), and provide unrivalled stability over time. Thanks to their industrial and R&D partners, Prodways offers and is constantly developing high-performance 3D printing materials for new and promising applications in the industrial world. Prodways’ exclusive technologies provide an extensive range of possibilities for creating composites, hybrids, powders and premium materials. We offer:

• Polymer powders (TPU, PolyPropylene, PA12, PA11, PA6 LM, PP nat 01, PA11,PA11 GB30, PA11 CF, PA11 ESD, TPU01, TPU 88A)
• Liquid resins (PLASTCure Absolute, Biocompatible resins, PLASTCure Clear, PLASTCure Model, PLASTCure Rigid, PLASTCure ABS, PLASTCure Cast, PLASTCure Pattern)

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