Voxeljet 3D printers and materials

We use industrial “VoxelJet” 3D printers to print products from sand and plastic. Adhesive-based 3D printers are more efficient and have lower requirements for management, exploitation, operating conditions, and the environment.

Maximum dimensions of solid products: VX4000 – 4000 X 2000 X 1000 mm (sand); VX1000 – 1000 X 600 X 500 mm (plastic, sand, ceramics). The most efficient and economical printers with no analogs on the market:

  • Printing speed up to 140L/h
  • Possibility to print several products at the same time, filling the entire capacity
  • The unglued plastic powder can be reused in other products

More information about printers is available on the Voxeljet website.

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