Every year, the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists hosts an awards ceremony that brings together the local business community, political and scientific leaders. This year’s event took place in December and traditionally presented nominations named after Petras Vileišis. The awards aim to recognize the work and accomplishments of Lithuanian business and industry leaders.

This year, the organizers developed a new award concept – a board with a portrait of Petras Vileišis and his original signature. We are happy to have contributed to the implementation of this idea. Based on the portraits of Petras Vileišis, we created its 3D model and recreated his original signature. For printing, we used the Form 3L 3D printer that ensures uniform surface quality. The board of the award and the portrait part were printed separately, joined and painted with black and bronze color.

3D printing was a great and sustainable choice that allowed turning a creative idea into a unique product in a short time.

3D printing technology: SLA
3D printing material: Grey V4 resin
Size (mm): 140 x 56 x 160