3D printing is perfect for turning unique ideas into real-life objects, be it prototypes or works of art. The sky’s the limit.

This time, we would like to share one such project that involved the 3D printing of trophies. For this project, we used a MODIX BIG 60 to print the base and top of the trophy and a ZORTRAX M300 to print the stem and fox figure. Both pieces were printed using ABS plastic to ensure product durability and resistance to environmental conditions. After printing, the trophy was post-processed – polished, sanded and covered with bronze paint. Name plaques were soldered on, and the names of the prize winners were added using CNC machining process.

3D printing is an excellent choice for creating unique and sustainable products.

3D printing technology: FDM

3D printing material: ABS

3D print layer: 0,2 mm