By manufacturer’s 3D model and request to achieve a surface as smooth as possible, frames were 3D printed and post-processed with sanding and spray painting.

Those frames were printed in two parts and later glued together, altogether glue lines and gaps were filled with a special substance. After glue lines dried, visible frame surfaces were post-processed with special technique to pleasant feeling and then spray painted with matte black color. The printing itself was done with “Zortrax M200” 3D printers and ABS plastics.

The 3D printing and post-processing for 25 pieces of frames were done within the mind to save up a cost and time which in comparison, injection molding or any other traditional manufacturing method would have been much more expensive and taken more time. Produced parts are adequate to molded parts with comparison of surface smoothness.

3D printing material: ABS plastic

3D printing technology: FDM (fused deposition modeling)

Product size (mm): 210 x 128 x 9