Restoration of rare vintage cars is a job that requires special care and patience. Our customers especially often face a lack of spare parts during such projects. It is gratifying that 3D technology can solve these problems extremely quickly and in high quality.

This time we are sharing a Datsun car dashboard restoration project we received from the world-renowned Datsun workshop “DCW Classic”. Using 3D models provided by the customer we performed 3D printing of the rare dashboard panels using SLA technology-based “Formlabs” 3D printers. SLA printing technology was selected to ensure exceptional accuracy and surface quality. This technology allows printing in a 25-micron layer high, ensuring a flawless look and accuracy for printed products.

3D printed dashboard parts were painted by the customer and installed in one of the restored Datsun. Using 3D technology customer was able to restore the original panel very quickly and accurately, thus giving the restored car even more charm.

3D printing technology: SLA (Stereolithography)

3D printing material: Standard Resin

Size (mm): up to 105.00 x 105.00 x 4.00