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According to the 3D model presented by the client, an architectural 3D model of the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris was printed out of PMMA plastic.

3D Printed Material: PMMA Plastics

Product size (mm): 290 x 120 x 170

According to our client 2D drawings, our engineers created a 3D model - casting positive. By using this model there was modeled molding negative 3D model with metal feed ducts, slag drainage channels, metal contraction tolerances and other casting elements. 3D molding negative model was tested by the ProCAST simulation software and printed out of the sand.

Printed molds are used for testing aluminum casting parts production.

3D printing material: sand

Product size (mm): 340 x 270 x 100

According to the 3D model presented by the customer, the case for electronic components was printed of PMMA plastic, by industrial 3D printer.

3D printing material: PMMA plastic

Product size (mm): 285 x 270 x 89

According to the customer 3D models, different fasteners were printed out of ABS plastic, which is solid but also plasticized enough.

Some of the printed parts were painted with black acrylic paint.

3D printing material: ABS plastic

Product size (mm): 50.4 x 39 x 38; 35 x 16 x 12